Terms and Conditions


TSI: Any person/organization that works for or on behalf of Tennis School International (Chamber of Commerce-number 80816495)  

Student: Any person that registers, enrolls and/or participates in a class/lesson given by TSI 

Class: Used interchangeably with “lesson” in this document and on the TSI website  

TSI website: www.tennisschoolinternational.nl

Article 1. General Information  

1.1 Lessons are provided by Tennis School International (TSI).  

1.2 Any Coach that is part of, or works for/with TSI may give the lessons.  

1.3 Other Coaches may also be present in the lessons, to direct the class, assist or as part of their training.  

Article 2. Lesson Registration  

2.1 Interested persons can sign up through the TSI website. Once the registration form is submitted and if there is a spot available in the preferred class, the registrantwill receive a confirmation email with instructions to pay. Upon receival of the payment, the spot is reserved. Note that TSI will not reserve a spot for the registrant until the full payment is received. 

2.2 If the preferred class is not available an email will be sent discussing other options. These may include, but not limited to, being placed on a waiting list or joining another class with the appropriate level. 

2.3 Class enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. It is the students responsibility to register on time once registration opens, neither existing students nor new registrants will be given priority. 

2.4 If a registration is received after a course has started, a student may still be able to enroll in the class if there are spots available. In this case, and in consultation with TSI, the course cost will be prorated.  

2.5 TSI reserves the right to refuse registrations. 

Article 3. Payment 

3.1 Payment must be made before the start of classes 

3.2 In case of cancelation of enrolment in the course by the student  14 days before the start of the course or after the course has started, the full amount of the course will be charged. 

3.3 In case of cancelation by the student at least 15 days before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee will be refundable. 

Article 4. Class Registration & Fees 

4.1 If a class does not fill the minimum amount of students required, then students may be moved to a different class or be placed on a waiting list in consultation with the student. This waiting list will be made up of students with approximately the same tennis playing level. 

4.2 Classes that have a waiting list will begin as soon as the minimum number of participants required for a class are registered.

4.3 If a student is placed on a waiting list because the class is full, he/she will be given notice when a spot becomes available. If no spot becomes available, it is the student’s responsibility to register on the following course block.  

4.4 Coaches reserve the right to move the student to a class that best matches the students playing level.  

4.5 If a student signs up for classes, they may be contacted by TSI in consultation for future sign ups, regarding feedback and other marketing purposes.  

Article 5. Lesson Times & Rules  

5.1 Lesson times advertised on the TSI website include the time that it takes to clean up the lesson material, sweep the courts and any other activity that needs to be done in order to have the courts ready for the next time slot.  

5.2 TSI may change the lessons dates and times without prior consultation, if deemed necessary.

5.3 Proper tennis attire, like a racket and tennis shoes, are mandatory and are not provided by TSI. TSI does provide the tennis balls. 

Article 6. Location  

6.1In principle, lessons are given at T.V. Luck Raeck. Located at Sportparkweg, 3604 AW Maarssen.  

6.2 If the lesson is given at T.V Luck Raeck, the student must have a valid membership at T.V.Luck Raeck. 

6.3 TSI is an independent company from T.V. Luck Raeck and the main location of TSI is subject to change.  

6.4 Lessons may be given at different locations. By registering for the lessons, students agree to follow the rules and conditions of both TSI and the other companies/organizations that may be working in association with TSI. 

Article 7. Missed Classes and Make-up Policy 

7.1 Missing a lesson falls under the student’s expense. There will be no refunds issued.  

7.2 If the student misses a lesson, he/she can make up the lesson on a different day where the same class level is offered. This is subject to availability of open spots. Maximum of 3 make up lessons will be given.  

7.3 Lessons missed will not be issued as a monetary credit for future sessions.  

7.4  The student can only make use of the make up policy, mentioned in 7.2, on a day that the same class level for which the student is registered is available. 

7.5 The student can only make use of the make up policy, mentioned in 7.2, if he/she is registered/enrolled in a course at the time he/she would like to take the make-up class. No make-ups can be taken if the student is not simoultaneously enrolled in a course.

7.6 Refunds due to a student missing a lesson because of illness or injury are not provided. However, you can send a replacement student of someone with the same level, in consultation with the coach. It is necessary to inform the coach as soon as possible. 

7.7 If a student is late for a class, it falls under his/her own responsibility. Neither a make-up class nor credit will be given.  

7.8 If the trainer is ill, a substitute trainer might take his/her place. If no substitute is found, lesson will be made up at a future date. 

7.9 Make-ups can will only be given during the same session or class block. No make-ups can be carried over to other sessions.

Article 8. Cancelation of Classes & Weather Conditions

8.1 Outdoor lessons are subject to rescheduling depending on weather conditions. 

8.2 TopClay courts are “all-weather courts”. Therefore, classes held on TopClay courts will continue even in the event of rain. If there is heavy rain, lessons could get rescheduled;  this is up to the coach’s discretion. 

8.3 If a lesson has started and the lesson has been given for at least 50% of the total class time, the class is considered given, and there will be no make-up.  

Article 9 Scheduling 

9.1 In principle, no lessons are given on public holidays (Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Year’s Day) and in most of the primary school holidays. Make-up lessons that are cancelled due to official holidays can be scheduled during holidays.. 

Article 10. Damage and Liability 

10.1 Tennis School Interntional (TSI) is not liable for any physical, material, mental or other types of damage/loss that has occurred before, during or after the tennis lesson. Coaches who also teach for TSI are also not liable for these types of damages and/or losses and cannot be held liable. The participant or student is personally liable for any physical, mental, material or other forms of damage/loss that might occur. He / she or the parent / guardian is responsible for his / her safety. 

Article 11. Website  

11.1 The website is compiled with the greatest possible care, whereby TSI strives to provide correct and up-to-date information. However, no rights can be derived from the information on the website, only what is stated under terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the content of the website, please contact TSI. TSI accepts no liability for damage related to the information on this website or the temporary inability to consult this website. TSI is not responsible for the content of websites referred to or other websites that refer to this website.  

Article 12. Media Consent 

12.1 By registering in the classes students agree to give their consent to have their pictures and/or videos taken during the class/lesson for publishing on TSI’s website, social media platforms and or other marketing materials. 

Article 13. Privacy Statement 

13.1 Registrants’ data will not be forwarded / sold for commercial purposes.  

Article 14. Guarantee 

14.1 TSI solely provides information and guidance for educational purposes. TSI makes no guarantees that the student will improve his/her game of tennis, as this also depends on several other factors that TSI has no control over.  

Article 15. Statement of approval 

15.1 If the participant registers or is registered by their parent/guardian, he/she (in the case of youth members under 18, the parent/guardian) automatically agrees with all the terms and conditions of Tennis School International.  

Final Clause  

Any matters not laid down in these regulations, and/or any discrepancies, disagreements will be decided in all reasonableness by Tennis School International’s Managing Owner.   

Please note any comments and complaints can be filed at info@tennisschoolinternational.com