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A guide for choosing tennis strings 

Strings are definitely a very important factor to consider, as they can make a significant difference when you play. In this guide you will learn more about different string types, tensions and gauges.

How to play against a pusher 

Retrievers (a more suave term for the word “pusher”) are found at any level, of course, the higher the level the better they hit (more depth, pace, spin, etc). However, the game plan should be relatively the same. Here is a list of tactical things you can do in your tennis match!  

Guide: How to choose the right tennis racket for kids

It is very important to take the time to buy a proper tennis racket for your children. This will not only prevent injuries, but it also helps in their learning process.

The Benefits of Youth Tennis Equipment and Court Sizes

For decades, children were handed a full-sized racket and placed across the net with a coach and fed yellow ball after yellow ball, but the sport of tennis has adapted for kids. The implementation of different balls, court sizes, and smaller rackets has proven to…

Parenting High-Performance Tennis Juniors

Have you ever asked yourself: how is my behavior affecting my child? Whether it be positively or negatively. Some of the most common behaviours–the good and the bad–seen in tennis parents are…

person playing tennis

How to Get Started Playing Tennis?

If you are looking to try a new sport, tennis is an excellent choice. It’s a fun hobby that will keep you active, improve overall health and introduce to like-minded people. It’s never…


Is Tennis a Hard Sport to Learn?

 Tennis is a demanding sport and it requires continuous efforts to master the game and play at a competitive level. The fundamental tennis skills include good footwork, movement speed and agility, proper technique of the strokes, hand-eye coordination, high focus on the game and mental strength. The player should work on improving of all these aspects of the game; so, as you can see it is reasonable to say that…

How to Choose a Tennis Racket – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Our ultimate beginners guide will provide useful information to ensure you find the ideal equipment to make progress in your game. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right racquet, take a look at the main characteristics of the racquets for newcomers.

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