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How are the TSI class levels organized?

Classes are split into levels ranging from L0 (never played tennis before) to L10 (highest). Below you will find a description of each level.

Note: Descriptions below are meant to give a general idea of the skills necessary in order to be considered a specific level. However, it is not always an exact science, as the lack of some skills can be compensated by high performance in other skills. Nevertheless, it is a great starting point to help you have an idea of where your level is at and which class to register for. If in doubt between two levels, please always register for the lower level.

High Performance // Advanced // Intermediate – Advanced // Intermediate // Beginner – Intermediate //
Experienced – Beginner// Beginner // First time Beginner //

High Performance

Designed for players competing or preparing to compete at the provincial and /or national level in their age category. These players have extensive tournament experience and have developed a recognizable game style. Training will be individually focused, and special attention will be placed on the player’s needs and goals in order to formulate a plan. Our training philosophy focuses on long-term enjoyment and development of the player.

Advanced Tennis Level – L6

Advanced class is for players that have been playing for a number of years. This player overall has good directional control and power, can handle pace and shows sound footwork. Players at this level can consistently have a 10 rally ball with a faster pace ball. They can return a faster serve with consistency and decent placement. With their first serve they can win some points and second serve prevents opponent from attacking. In this class you will improve your strokes while managing a faster pace ball from challenging angles of the court (wide, high, short) Coach might choose from a variety of topics based on class needs, including but not limited to: improving depth, power, control, balance, developing weapons, patterns as well as optimizing biomechanics of technique.

Average playing experience of players in this class: 10+ years

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 5- 10+ years

Dutch Player Rating: 6.0-7.0

Intermediate Advanced Tennis Level – L5

In this level players can have consistent rallies from Forehands and backhands, play with variety of spins and pace on the ball. They can also make of use of volleys, lobs, and approach shots. They already posses sound footwork and can make use of different spins in their serve (kick, flat, slice). They are able to place the serve into the Backhand and/or Forehand side of the service box. In this course the coach will help players gain more control over the ball to be able to exploit opponents weaknesses through all strokes. More advanced footwork, and swing technique optimization. In addition, players will start developing their own style of play to be used in match play and become comfortable playing from all areas of the court.

Average playing experience for players in this class: 5 to 10 years

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) of players in this class: 5- 10 years

Dutch Player Rating: 7.0 – 8.5

Intermediate Tennis Level – L4

Intermediate classes are for players that have experience playing, they are able to move their opponent around the court and hit harder when receiving slower balls. They have some control over the direction in which they hit the ball in both groundstrokes and serve. They can already make use of different spins such as topspin and slice. They can execute approach shots and return relatively faster serves. With their serve they can already win some points and hit winners from the baseline (specially on slow balls). Here, you will continue to work on stroke technique in order to get more consistency and power. The course will also help you become more comfortable at the net to help you finish the point, improve/develop a kick serve with placement and learn more match play elements and tactics.

Average playing experience of players in this class: 3 to 7 years

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 3- 6 years

Dutch player rating: 8.5 – 9.5

Beginner Intermediate Tennis Level – L3

This course builds upon the Experienced-Beginner course to help you transition into the Intermediate level. In order to be in this level you are already able to perform a basic service motion, groundstrokes and volleys, as well as basic footwork skills. Players are able to rally consistently 10 balls in a row, specially from the forehand side with moderate speed and topspin. In addition, players at this level are becoming more comfortable at the net playing volleys and overheads. You will be introduced to new spins and work on rally consistency from different areas of the court (receiving high, short or wide balls) direction, overall technique, and court positioning.

Average playing experience of players in this class: 3 to 5 years

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 2- 4 years

Dutch Player Rating: 9.5 – 10.0

Experienced Beginner
Tennis level – L2

You have had some prior instruction on playing tennis. Have very basic stroke knowledge and can get the ball in play, but lack control, resulting in inconsistent rallies. Players can serve with a basic service motion and the toss is generally inconsistent. With an incomplete service motion you can avoid double faults. You understand basic positioning at the net and can play volleys, specially from the forehand side. This course will build upon these basics and help you improve your consistency in order to help you have rallies from forehand and backhand sides. In addition, we will work on control, court positioning, basic net play and much more.

Average playing experience of players in this class: 2 to 3 years

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 1- 2 years

Dutch Player Rating: 9.5 – 10

Beginner Tennis Level – L1

This course is for the player who is just starting to play tennis. You might have played before, had some prior introduction to the game or even have had a couple of tennis lessons before but you are still learning the basics strokes and fundamentals of how to hit the ball. This course will teach/reinforce the basics of the strokes and help you with rallying, starting the point etc.

Dutch Player Rating: 10.0

Average playing experience of players in this class: 0 to 12 months

Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 0 – 12 months

First Time Beginner Tennis Level – L0

As the name suggest, if you have never played tennis before this class is for you! Designed to teach you the basic aspects of tennis this course will go over proper technique and other fundamentals. Even if you have played other racquet sports this class will be beneficial to you since tennis technique can be quite different. Combined with a lot of fun games and instruction be ready to have a jumpstart to the game!

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