Tennis School International (TSI) Perks Pass

The TSI player pass is a unique concept that aims to give you the best tennis experience possible through our community of members and coaches. Although you do not have to have a player membership to participate in our lessons, the pass comes with many additional perks & benefits!

Types of TSI Perks Passes

* In the fall TSI is planning to have a trip abroad to south of Spain and host a tennis camp. Viability of the trip depends on several factors such as number of people that sign up, weather conditions, corona rules, etc.

**When you miss a class you can “make it up” by coming on another day and joining another class when there are spots available. This is normally only possible during the same course, meaning make-ups do not carry over to the next course. However, if you have the (or Grand Slam) Perks Pass you can also carry over and take your make-ups in the following course.

***Priority registration will be in the following fashion (from first priority to last): First come first serve between Grand Slam Pass holders then Open to the public.

What benefits do you get?


All the benefits of the Basic Pass plus:

  • Come join us for a tennis holiday in the sunny south of Spain!*
  • Did you miss any classes? Or are you not sure you will get a chance to make-up all the classes you missed? With the Basic or Grand Slam Perks Pass you can take your make-ups with you to the following course!**

Grand Slam

All the benefits of the Basic & Premium Pass plus:

  • Discount on private lessons of 10%
  • Priority registration in group classes, so you don’t have to worry about losing your spot in your favourite class.***

Tennis School International

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