Tennis School International joins T.V. Luck Raeck – Tennis Lessons In Utrecht

Come and play tennis on our clay and topclay courts!

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Membership Benefits
Please note that in order to participate in the classes at T.V Luck raeck you must become a member of the tennis club under a Tennis School International type of Membership.

It is possible to wait until you are guaranteed a spot in the classes before registering for a membership.

As a member of T.V. Luck Raeck you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Play tennis for free throughout the outdoor season (April 1st – October 31st) During the winter months it may also be possible depending on weather conditions.
  • Be able to register in Tennis School International’s specialized group or private lessons (to find out more about our lessons, click here)
  • Participate in club leagues, tournaments, game nights and other social events.

About the club

Tennis School International (TSI) has partnered with T.V. Luck Raeck. Located at the border of Utrecht and Maarssen, the club is home to 11 illuminated courts, 3 of which are Clay, and 8 of which are TopClay.

TopClay courts are all weather courts. They require less maintanance and therefore you are less affected by weather conditions. They are a hybrid between Hard courts and Clay courts, bringing you the benefits of both surfaces.

During the winter months, a bubble is placed over 4 courts which are available for use. Please keep in mind indoor courts must be booked and are subject to an additional fee. Update: Due to Storm Eunice earlier this year, unfortunately the bubble has been destroyed and it won’t be possible to place it over the courts this year. After this season, the club will decide what will happen next year.

Prices for the membership range between €75,- to €199,- depending on the type of membership. As a member, there are also certain responsibilities you must adhere to, such as following the clubs rules & policies and volunteering for bar service during game nights. These are a great opportunities to socialize with other members and to get to know more players!

Note: When selecting the type of membership you must select “Tennis School International”. Then depending on the other info you provide on the form, you will be given a discount if you qualify for it.

For example:

  • You are between the ages of 18 and 29, and would like to receive lessons with Tennis School International (TSI). Then you must select TSI type of membership. Once the administration reviews your info they will bill you the discounted membership price.
  • You and your partner would both like to sign up as members. Then you both must select TSI type of membership. Once the administration reviews your info they will bill you and your partner the discounted price of the couple’s membership.

    There are other types of memberships, for a more comprehensive list please visit the link below.

In addition, if you would like more info about becoming a member or are interested in joining, please go to the following link:

Any other questions please email us at:

Tennis School International

Sportparkweg, 3604 AW Maarssen, Netherlands
+31 6 289 68 880