Fitness Training – Tennis School In Utrecht

a man and woman working out near the cliff

Each fitness session consists of 45 min high intensity training. Whether you want to improve your fitness for on court performance or you just want to get in better shape, these sessions can be tailored made to focus on the specific goals of each individual. To ensure you get a full body workout, we will focus on four main areas: strength, agility, speed and endurance.

Note: Sessions are always held outdoors and there is minimal use of gym equipment. Rather the focus relies on using your own body weight and the use other materials for additional resistance such as elastic bands, medicine balls, etc.

  • Sessions have a flexible scheduling. Please contact us for more details or if you’re interested in signing up.
  • Location: Juliana Park or Luck Rack Tennis Club

Tennis School International

Sportparkweg, 3604 AW Maarssen, Netherlands
+31 6 289 68 880