Advanced – Level 6 (Waitlist)

  • Sign up – Waitlist only.
  • Max number of players 4
  • Price: €620 For 18 lessons
  • More info to be announced. Please send us an email if you have any questions.


Advanced class is for players that have been playing for a number of years. This player overall has good directional control and power, can handle pace and shows sound footwork. Players at this level can consistently have a 10 rally ball with a faster pace ball. They can return a faster serve with consistency and decent placement. With their first serve they can win some points and second serve prevents opponent from attacking. In this class you will improve your strokes while managing a faster pace ball from challenging angles of the court (wide, high, short) Coach might choose from a variety of topics based on class needs, including but not limited to: improving depth, power, control, balance, developing weapons, patterns as well as optimizing biomechanics of technique.


  • Membership of Luck Raeck Tennis Club
  • Average playing experience of players in this class: 10+ years
  • Average amount of time taking lessons (with a coach) for players in this class: 5- 10+ years
  • *Optional* Dutch Player Rating: 5.0-7.0
  • If you are unsure of your level or have any other questions about the requirements please send us an email.

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